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Our History

Don's Service Center was originally started by Don Giovanini Sr. back in the 1960's. At that time Don Sr. had received a Master's Degree in Vocational Education from Indiana State University and was presently the lead instructor at our local IVY Tech College Automotive Program (a position he held for 15 years!). Don Sr. started running a small shop at home in his spare time and as the business grew it finally seemed the time was appropriate to go into the auto repair business full time. In April of 1984 Don Sr. quit teaching and opened a full time Automotive Repair shop - which of course he called - Don's Service Center!

Don Sr. had a vision that the key to success in the auto repair industry was to keep your technicians well trained and always invest in the right equipment to keep up with a constantly changing auto industry. His motto was always "Fix it right - the First time!" Don's customers were always impressed not only with the precision and knowledge Don used to repair their vehicles - but also the honesty and integrity with which Don ran his business. As a result - business flourished and Don Sr. enjoyed many years doing the work he loved so much.

During this time Don Sr.'s son, Don Giovanini II grew up and followed in a lot of his fathers footsteps. While working at his fathers shop, Don Jr. also attended Indiana State University where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Automotive Technology. He then went on to work as an Instructor at Vincennes University, Indiana State University and he also worked for several years as the Lead Training Instructor for the Acura Division of Honda Motor Company in Los Angeles, Ca.

As the years went by Don Sr. saw that his his son had the same love for the automobile repair business that had always gripped him. As a result, in January of 1995, Don Jr. purchased the business from his father and took over as full time manager. Now retired and taking things a little easier, Don Sr. still passes through the shop from time to time to lend a hand where needed.

Recently expanded, remodeled and reconfigured, the new Don's shop still has the same quality workmanship, premium service and friendly smiles you have come to expect in the past. If you have not been by our remodeled facility, please drop by soon and let us show you around!

Today Don's is the largest independent service operation in the Wabash Valley. We have the staff, we have the equipment and we definitely have the knowledge to repair any vehicle on the road today . We are still proud to be known as "the Home of Honesty and Integrity". We also still share Don Sr.'s motto of "Fix it right - the First time!" and you can rest assured that Don's will remain a dominant force in auto repair for many years to come!